Dec '23: photos from Morocco

Nov '23: photos from La Vuelta

Oct '23: Sinfonietta video

Mar '23: Besuch in der Ukraine report, photos

Mar '23: photos from the Baltic states and Poland

Nov '22: photos from Italy and Sicily

Jun '22: talk at the CSF Workshop on Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in Computer Graphics and Computational Mechanics

Apr '22: photos from the Iberian Peninsula

Jan '22: photos from Eastern Europe

Dec '21: photos from Poland

Nov '21: photos from around the Pyrenees

Dec '20: Ubongo Puzzles pdf

Nov '20: Software Engineer at GRZ-Technologies link

Jul '20: Biinvariant Distance Vectors webpage, video

Feb '20: Biinvariant Generalized Barycentric Coordinates on Lie Groups webpage, video

Feb '20: Inverse Distance Coordinates webpage

Feb '20: Solutions to the game Klotski webpage

Oct '19: Autonomous Go-Kart at Innovationspark Dübendorf/Switzerland webpage

Oct '18: Smoothing using Geodesic Averages webpage, video

Jul '18: Curve Subdivision in SE(2) webpage, video

May '18: visit from bitluni's lab video

Mar '18: Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems webpage, repository

Feb '18: photos from Leipzig

Aug '17: Sensor interfacing and algorithms, repository

Jul '17: photos from Prague, Zilina, Vienna, Olomouc, and Salzburg

Jun '17: Motion Planning, repository

May '17: Reinforcement learning library, Sutton and Barto 2nd edition, repository

Apr '17: Tensor library, repository

Mar '17: Iterative computation of moment forms for subdivision surfaces webpage, video

Feb '17: talk at the Faculty of Informatics of Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano hosted by Kai Hormann

Jan '17: photos from Switzerland

Jan '17: Software Engineer at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control of ETH Zürich link, team

Oct '16: photos from Tajikistan and Afghanistan 2011-2013 by MH and IS

Sep '16: Dilbert-style Comics

Jul '16: photos from Germany

May '16: Kalaha using Minimax Decision Rule with source code

Mar '16: Unified Construction of Cubic Subdivision on Simplex Lattices up to 4D video

Feb '16: Bericht über Wehrdienst bei der Bundeswehr 1999-2000

Jan '16: Marie Hakenberg, Verena Klemm (Hrsg.): Muslime in Sachsen - Geschichte, Fakten, Lebenswelten

Sep '15: Software architecture for nuTonomy in Singapore, team

Jul '15: Japan by Bicycle report or just photos

Jul '15: animation of Keep Changing, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever by Tatsuo Miyajima

May '15: Scores of Johann Sebastian Bach Digitized (2nd edition) webpage

Mar '15: Songs and Arias from Schemellis Gesangbuch production with mm

Feb '15: photos from Seoul and South Korea

Jan '15: Examples of Curve Subdivision on Riemannian Manifolds video

Jan '15: From the Study of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program video

Jan '15: Adding Bach to Bach - compositions by mm using The Pirate Fugues video

Dec '14: Afghan War Logs revisited - Events in Kabul video

Dec '14: Search features 2 in The Pirate Fugues software video

Dec '14: video of flood in Kota Bharu

Nov '14: Vertonung von Singen im Advent, 3. Auflage webpage

Nov '14: Search features 1 in The Pirate Fugues software video

Nov '14: On the Volume of Sets Bounded by Refinable Functions preprint

Oct '14: Hauptwerk stops/register control using dynamics in The Pirate Fugues video1, video2

Sep '14: Ornaments in The Pirate Fugues software video

Sep '14: photos from Myanmar

Aug '14: On Moments of Sets Bounded by Subdivision Surfaces webpage, video

Jul '14: Moments Defined by Subdivision Curves webpage

Jun '14: Hauptwerk organ non-registered parameter numbers webpage

Jun '14: Volume Enclosed by Subdivision Surfaces with Sharp Creases webpage

May '14: Vietnam by Motorcycle report or just photos

May '14: Volume Enclosed by Subdivision Surfaces webpage, since Jul '15: journal

Feb '14: compositions Practice 39 m, Über die Akkorde der Flute Sonata 2 - 2 Siciliano, and Practice 57 b

Jul '13: online presentation at the Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing in Kancheepuram, India

Mar '13: Wave particles for animation of narrow river or canal video

Mar '13: Piano Plugin and Selection feature of the The Pirate Fugues video

Feb '13: Vision Payload with Radiation Tolerant CMOS Sensor webpage

Feb '13: 2d Position Sensitive Detector used as Sunsensor webpage

Jan '13: Applications of the Mission Control and Testing Software

Nov '12: BPSK demodulation of AX-25 frame data

Oct '12: Exposure Time Variation of NTU Radiation-Tolerant CMOS Image Sensor Chip-3 PCB-2

Oct '12: BPSK demodulation, morse decoding, and subsystem monitoring

Aug '12: Release of Trainslate Mandarin software including all source code and 1.2 GB of audio material. Thanks to Marjolein Hoekstra for hosting the files at CleverClogs's Cross-Posting Microblog

Aug '12: Release of the evaluation version of The Pirate Fugues software

Jul '12: Rating Dialog of The Pirate Fugues video

Jul '12: Fugal Plugin of The Pirate Fugues video

Jul '12: Attitude Stabilization with Magnetic Actuation software & animation

Jun '12: photos from Bali and Lombok

May '12: International Geomagnetic Reference Field software

Apr '12: photos from 杭州, 上海, 宝鸡, 西安, 成都

Mar '12: photos from Western Australia

Feb '12: Inlay Plugin of The Pirate Fugues video

Jan '12: Demo of The Pirate Fugues 2012 ed. video

Oct '11: photos from Malaysia

May '11: photos from Singapore

Mar '11: photos from Thailand

Dec '10: photos from Australia