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Below are documents that I compiled for presentations in mathematics seminars during my time as a student. I also recommend material from Neeb's and

The Fenchel-Nielsen Coordinates of Teichmüller Spaces fenchel-nielsen_... 260 kB
Quasilineare differentiell-algebraische Systeme quasilinear_differ... 110 kB
Killing Fields in Negative Ricci Curvature killing_fields_neg... 75 kB
Overview on elliptic curves on_elliptic_curves... 205 kB
Brücken zwischen Aussagen- und Prädikatenlogik aussagen_praedi... 110 kB
Decomposition of semi-algebraic sets decomposition_... 150 kB
Linear Complementarity Problem linear_complem... 120 kB
Kalman Filtering kalman_filtering.pdf 71 kB
Amortized analysis of the Set-Union data structure setunion/ browse
Kreuzworträtsel erschienen im OWO Heft 2003 kreuzwort_raetsel... 20 kB
This paper contains much that is new and much
that is true. Unfortunately, that which is true
is not new and that which is new is not true.
Referee's report

At the HU-Berlin, I hosted a 2-day seminar on the basics of Mathematica. The created the following material for the course:

Introduction to Mathematica * mathematica_mat... 110 kB
mathematica_pro... 90 kB
mathematica_xtra... 70 kB
* download notebooks (for Mathematica 5.2)

Source Code of Libraries

Over a period of several years, I have developed and maintained the following general purpose libraries. The algorithms and source code have been refined and put to the test with every project they were transfered over to.

C++ library 2011 * 80 kB
Java library 2015 ** 140 kB
X-files · Collection of useful MATLAB functions 20 kB
* tensors (svd, gauss with col pivoting, quicksort), accurate timing (Windows only), random numbers, sha1 hash function, hash table, linked list, trees, simplex noise, blue noise
** math, html, xml, color-palettes, introspection, midi (requires java 1.8)

A source code is a piece of art - cross check the characteristics inherent in the classical forms of art to those of the activity of designing a program: A coder has an individual sense for what is a beautiful program. A programmer delevelops his own coding style over time. His code reflects his way of thinking and is hard to communicate to others.

Silence is argument carried out by other means.
Ernesto "Che" Guevara


Dilbert-style Comics
Image repository
List of audio books
BibHAK - An die Schüler der Taunusschule Königstein
Experience matters for nothing
when they are making up the rules as they go along.
The Consipator

Here are links to personal websites of friends and colleagues. Others are referenced inside project descriptions.

Friends and Colleagues
Thomas Albrecht
Matthias Balwierz
Martin Brxa
Roman Dickmann
Matthias Elsdörfer
Nico Feldmann
Martin Gleeson
Josua Groeger differential geometry hard core
Christian Hesse
Ellen Hickman botanical artist
Michal Hoč
Michal Hoč tango
Annette Huck in den hopfenwiesen
Sabine Joseph tidal sphericity
Marcel Koch informatik und gestaltung
Kreidebergsee Bauträger GmbH
Marziya Mohammedali
Pan Yaozhang
Artus Ph. Rosenbusch
Martin Sommer chansons
Ingo Stock
Albert Tay director, composer
Taugenichts Verlag
Boris Thurisch
Julian einfach investieren
Everything in life is unusual
until you get accustomed to it.
The Marvelous Land of Oz

The following software and services have been useful to me in the past.

Crimson Editor simply the best editor - by Ingyu Kang
Deutsch - English dictionary in text format
Icon Art vast icon collection - by Mark James
IZArc archiver (all formats) - by Ivan Zahariev
mimeTeX rendering of math expressions - by John Forkosh
Prezi next generation presentation
Coordinated Universal Time from the US Naval Observatory
VirtualDub video encoding
WinMerge compare files and folders
Xvid best video codec
The creatures outside looked from pig to man,
and from man to pig,
and from pig to man again;
but already it was impossible to say which was which.
George Orwell