Trainslate Mandarin

Trainslate Mandarin is an English to Mandarin/Pinyin vocabulary trainer based on the course IntegratedChinese 3rd edition by Cheng & Tsui. The software prints out sheets of vocabulary exercise that are personalized to your progress. Words and terms that you have difficulties remembering are asked repeatedly until you translate them properly.

Before you write down the translation of the English terms on paper, simply fold the page to hide the corresponding Pinyin and Mandarin simplified characters. To check your answers after you have completed the sheet just unfold the page. See the photo below. Feed the words and terms that you didn't get right back to the software interface by marking only those English terms that have been translated incorrectly.

Trainslate (Java 1.6) * 45 MB
List of Simplified Characters chinese_simplified... 11 MB
Sample exercise sheet sample.pdf 350 kB
Summary of grammar grammar.pdf 200 kB
Pinyin audio of Google Translate (mp3) ** 4.3 MB
* The source code is included in the archive. The software is easy to use, however requires a few steps to setup. Please follow the instructions below for full functionality.

Credits: Disposition, words and phrases are adopted from the course IntegratedChinese 3rd edition by Cheng & Tsui up to level 2 part 2. Other sources are the book Pop Chinese, handbook of contemporary colloquial expressions published also by Cheng & Tsui, and the Taiwan TV series 呼叫大明星. Thanks to 朱洁儒 for additional vocabulary and language practice. The Chinese calligraphic writings that ornament this page are by 谭亭序.

print out sheets, fold paper
resolve English terms
unfold, correct Pinyin and Mandarin
feedback weaknesses to software
Studying a foreign language has three fundamentals:
vocabulary + grammar + idioms
(brick) (cement) (家具 funiture)
Attitude decides everything.
Everything can be done
positive attitude is all important.
go bravely

1st course book

Besides the characters and vocabulary from the course IntegratedChinese 3rd edition, the database knows a few additional characters and expressions:

The list of radicals is extended by

㓁 亠 冫 勹 厶 夂 宀 尸 巾 廾 彡 彳 斤 欠 殳 艹 辶 阝 尢 彐 身 山 ...

Expressions with characters that have been introduced at an earlier point:

行李 (luggage); 开心 (to feel happy, ...); 正常 (regular, ...) ...

Provinces and major cities in China:

贵州 (Guizhou); 上海 (Shanghai) 山西 (Shanxi); 四川 (Sichuan); 青海 (Qinghai); ...

Famous people:

孔子 (Kong Zi); 李白 (Li Bai); 毛泽东 (Mao Zedong); 章子仪 (Zhang Ziyi); 杨涵博 (Yang Hanbo); ...


骑虎难下 (riding the tiger); 瓜田李下 (in the melon patch and under the plum tree); 三人成虎 (three men make a tiger come true); ...

One story says, there are only two animals that can arrive on the top of the pyramid: One is the eagle that can fly by wings and nature/gift/talent, the other that can reach the top is the snail. When it drops down it climbs again. But only if you are climbing you are (emotionally) moved when you recall those days of hard work/can give yourself time that makes yourself/life motivated.


Mandarin Browser

Mandarin Browser allows you to search words and terms from the complete IntegratedChinese course. Type an excerpt of an English word or Pinyin expression to list the matches. Clicking on one of the matches appends the corresponding Chinese characters in the text area above. The Chinese text can be copied to any other software that supports unicode.

The list of characters and expressions of Trainslate Mandarin is revised from time to time. You can retrieve the most recent edition in a single mouse click online.

Unihan browser

Unihan browser allows you to list all characters that are associated to a specific Pinyin syllable. Also, you can search for English expressions in the Unihan data base. This feature requires to download from the Unihan Database, and to extract the file unihan.txt to the folder mandarin/get/txt/.

The style of living should support life,
yet the relation is not true when flipped.
If you smile,
nothing is difficult/important.
If you are determined to do it,
you can achieve.
Dream, plan, action.

Install and launch for the first time

If the software runs, but some characters are displayed incorrectly, your operating system might not be configured yet to support Chinese characters. Search the Internet for more information specific to your operating system.

Trainslate Mandarin is a genuine product of Western Australia.

Successful people are always adventurous
not scared of failure, and make efforts. -
One hour of work,
is more than one day of dreaming!
The whole life of a person is a life of fighting/hard work, but someone has a great life, while another one has an ordinary life. If we have a great dream together with kind hearts, I believe, we can pile up a lot of trivial days and make it to form a great life. each one can pile up these day and have great life. If we lead an ordinary life everyday, without a dream and stop making progress, thus the days of your whole life that pile up will always be trivial/pale/not colorful in the future. Therefore, I hope all the students can pile up every common days to a great life.

In China

In April 2012, my friend 王翰康 held his wedding in the vicinity of 宝鸡 (BaoJi). A week before the celebration, I met up with the couple in 杭州 (HangZhou). Arriving at 杭州 airport, I was without Chinese currency. The shuttle bus staff did not accept foreign exchange, but let me drive to the city for free! The city is famous for 西湖 (West lake). A real pitty that swimming is not allowed in the lake: the water is clean and has the perfect temperature. 上海 (ShangHai) is just a 2 hours bus ride away.

After the wedding celebration, I went to see 西安 (XiAn), a city that used to be the capital of China in XXX. From there, the 兵马俑 (Terracotta army) and the 华清池 (HuaQingChi) are only a hour away. Climbing 华山 (HuaShan) to a height of 2x90 was physically challenging, but the scenic views and rustic accomodation are special.

Since in the past, I met many people who originally came from 四川 (SiChuan), curiosity drove me to see 成都 (ChengDu). There is yet another famous mountain to climb 峨眉山 (EMei Mountain) with a height of 3099 m.