This section presents the projects on network programming, and mailing that I have compiled during my stay in Kiruna/Sweden from February until July 2007.

Some projects were originally designed as a small exercise. But, then I put more effort into them.

BombMaster SpaceBomber
WebScan Boten-Anna
AuroraAlert using Kiruna All-Sky camera
VectorMail Quokka

No two people are more than six degrees apart.

VectorMail Quokka

content of csv-file

one of the mails

To keep my friends informed, on what is going on in the north of Sweden, I made a program that helps me sending personalized newsletters. Marcel Koch reviewed the code and suggested modifications, that are implemented in the latest version VectorMail Quokka, named after the endangered animals that live on Rottnest Island, an islet close to Perth/Australia.

The input to the program are

We summarize the available commands for mail.tex:

\title{ X }                   subject X of email
\\                            enforces line feed
\space                        insert space character
\bigskip                      separator between two paragraphs
\to{ X }{ Y }                 sends content Y to a selection of people X (see example above!)
\appendix{ X }                attaches file X
#1                            is a placeholder for an entry from the csv-table
#2                            the digit defines the column (also use #3,#4,...,#9)
\#                            produces the character #
\emptyset{ X }{ Y }{ Z }      if X produces any output parse Y otherwise parse Z

The file mail.tex is parsed for each recipient address that is listed in the file vector.csv.

To send the first email via the account specified in, the program prompts for the password to the account. You do not need to enter the password again, until you restart the program.

Program, source, and example (Java 1.6) * 430 kB
* a helpful reference for sending emails in Java by Sudhir Ancha.
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